Sublime Truffle Collection

A modern twist on the Classics, the handcrafted small batch Sublime Truffle Collection uses the finest ingredients and pure Belgian Chocolate to curate a heavenly layered chocolate experience that can only be described as sublime.
Features indulgent flavors including: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ganache, White Chocolate Key Lime Ganache, Cacao Nibs Vanilla Infused Dark and Hazelnut Ganache, White Chocolate Passion Fruit Ganache, Milk Chocolate Chai Tea Ganache, Milk Chocolate Layered with Praline Espresso and Infused Caramel, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Madagascar Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Layered Hazelnut Praline over Cinnamon Ganache and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gelato Layered Over Vanilla and Dark Ganache.