About Our Truffles

Le Belge truffles are the perfect indulgence for the true chocolate connoisseur. Handcrafted in the French chocolate making tradition, incorporating a variety of contemporary and traditional techniques, our truffle selections represent the finest in quality. Intense blends of ganache and sophisticated flavors combine to create a range of rich, creamy truffles with a delicious French accent. We invite you to experience our truffles and experience the taste of pure luxury.


An extraordinary selection of innovative truffles, hand made to perfection using the finest Belgian chocolate and ingredients from around the world. Each exquisite truffle is a delicate blend of taste and texture with its own distinctive character. Created using pure infusions complimented by a unique European chocolate layering technique, the flavor notes are concentrated enhancing the richness of the chocolate…Truly the ultimate chocolate indulgence.


Sleek elegance defines our Studio 761 truffle collection.  Brilliantly crafted with an artistic blend of pure Belgian chocolate and the latest flavor trends, this select line of truffles is both distinctive and exceptional.


A selection of our original classic truffles in fanciful molded designs filled with our decadent chocolate ganache. A delicate indulgence in pure Belgian chocolate.


A gourmet collection of our finest premium truffles inspired by time honored techniques and classic flavors. Each piece is created using traditional French chocolate making methods for a perfect blend of rich Belgian chocolate and hand-selected ingredients. Their exceptional taste and refined texture make each luscious truffle a bite to be savored.